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Key Speakers conclude TEAM Global UEA Research Project

Chelsey Slack, Deputy Head of Cyber Defence at NATO, and Dr Paul Williams, Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Reading, UK were our speakers at recent talks.

These talks marked the end of the TEAM Global Research Project at University of East Anglia, led by Chris Poray and supported by Antony Frost, Maureen Ghirelli, Kevin McSharry and Brendan McSharry.

Both speakers spoke to TEAM members, patrons and alumni alongside invited guests from UEA, including students and academics, with both events being moderated by Chris Poray, Research Manager for the TEAM Global Research Project.

Chelsey gave a briefing on NATO’s approach to cyber defence and how it helps defend NATO nations and its citizens. Chelsey covered that whilst there are threats to NATO, it is well equipped and actively updating its technology to deal with new and emerging threats.

Paul introduced the science of climate change at an accessible level. Paul unpacked the evidence of how the climate crisis is here and whilst it is a significant issue, there is an optimistic outlook should the right decisions and paths be taken.

Both speakers gave excellent briefings on their respective topics, resulting in thorough engagement and brilliant questions from the audience.

These two briefings were the first fully virtual events TEAM has hosted, with a future briefing with former NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General, Dr. Jamie Shea, discussing how NATO can deal with rise of China in the international system. This event will be open to the public, so if you are interested in attending, please follow TEAM Global’s LinkedIn page to attend this free event.

Chris Poray

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