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TEAMGlobal creates study tours to cities which host international institutions. These tours are designed for teachers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, lecturers, professionals and others who would benefit from it. These tours visit the institutions of international cooperation and governance and provide opportunities to meet and discuss issues with those who work for them.
‘I could not recommend the Brussels Study Tour enough. It is the best thing I have done at university and I will now be attending the TEAMGlobal Members’ Day in late June. It is something that I will push all my coursemates to do next year as I feel it accommodates my degree in International Relations perfectly and I would now consider it as integral to my knowledge and development as my degree.’ – Chris Poray, Study Tour Participant 2018.
‘The quality of the trip was far higher than expected and I learned far more than I thought I would. What I imagined to be a tourist trip to see Brussels became a far more stimulating intellectual exercise.’ – Matt Gallagher, Study Tour Participant 2017
“This tour with TEAM is one of those trips where later on in life you will look back on it and say, I am where I am today thanks to my experiences in Brussels. The tour will engage you, it will motivate you, it will change you.” – Nathan Lawes, Study Tour Participant 2015.
‘The TEAM study tour to Brussels was a great experience. It was well-organised, professional and the programme was very educational. The different visits gave understanding and knowledge about Brussels-based organisations and their work. We also received much information about career opportunities, which ultimately led me to apply for a traineeship at the Council of Europe. I am now two months into my traineeship at their office in Brussels. I highly recommend this study tour to students, teachers and professionals.’ – Rikke Flinder, Study Tour Participant 2014.

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