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We are excited to announce our first essay competition for schools.

You can download an application form by following this link:

Please send your completed application form and essay to


We hope you and your families are all coping during the current COVID-19 situation.

We wanted also to let you know that the TEAMGlobal Year 12 Student Essay Competition 2020 is continuing. Please continue to submit your essays and application forms. Closing date is 5pm Saturday 18th April 2020. 

If you’re one of our winners it would be a great boost to your profile

Update for Y12 students and schools


We hope you and your families are coping during the current COVID-19 situation.

Our original competition essay question was posed at the time that the Prime Minister urged “let the healing begin”.  The country currently also finds itself in a new challenge.

Year 12 students are welcome to either:

  • Respond to the original question, or

  • Incorporate the situation we now find ourselves in, and whether the current crisis has aided or hindered this.  This is likely to alter week by week!

Either approach will be acceptable.

A reminder that the closing date is 5pm Saturday 18th April 2020.



All of us at TEAM Global hope you and your families are well and coping during the current COVID-19 situation.

Despite the current difficulties we are pleased to announce that we have published our latest bi-annual Newsletter.

It is filled with fantastic reports of our most recent events and insightful articles covering current events.

Please click the icon to download your free copy:





Also, if you find your interest peaked by our latest newsletter have a look at our previous September 2019 issue:


That’s all from us and we hope you stay safe during this trying time!


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