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Members’ Day 2023 House of Lords

Over 100 Sixth form students from 9 different schools participated in this intellectually stimulating & enjoyable event.

You can read their feedback below.

Members' Day 2023 Agenda:

In addition to the students, Members’ Day included, as always, many other guests from various professional backgrounds.

The Supreme Court:

A packed 2 hours. Students received a guided tour of this momentous institution, learning about the workings of the court and the background into its creation. A tour of the Court’s exhibition followed and was then rounded off by a unique experience for these students as they were invited to sit in on a hearing and to witness the Court in action.

Tea Party at the House of Lords Cholmondeley Room:

Our key speakers of the day were:

Keith Best:

Keith was a former Conservative MP and is a Barrister by profession. After his time as an MP, he went into the non-profit sector and became Chief Executive of the Immigration Advisory Service, Freedom from Torture, Prisoners Abroad and finally Survivors UK.

The speakers addressed a range of issues from the day-to-day operation of the House of Lords and then went on to discuss a specific piece of legislation – the “Illegal Immigration Bill”. They also, generously provided valuable Q&A time, allowing students to further their learning across these current global topics.

A wonderful traditional tea was served and the sunny day provided everyone with stunning views across London whilst also enabling the students to go out on the terrace for photographs.

House of Commons Public Gallery:

This session was specifically focussed on just students, given the restrictions in numbers allowed in the chamber. TeamGlobal wanted to ensure these young people benefited from being immersed in the priority debates of the day and hearing the questions being motioned by our MP’s in the House of Commons.

On the day, maximum capacity was achieved with over 120 attendees predominantly made up of schools.

Westminster Abbey:

During the lunch hour some schools took advantage of a last-minute arrangement made by TEAMGlobal and attended individual private tours of Westminster Abbey.

School Testimonials:

“A huge thank you to you all for such a wonderful day yesterday! We are truly grateful for the opportunity you provided our students.

Every part of it was fascinating, informative, and enlightening: the tour guides at the Supreme Court and the Westminster Cathedral were full of passion, and it was a real privilege to hear Lord Carlile and Keith Best speak.

The students got so much out of it - a special, memorable day”.

Frankie Deane, Islington Collegiate Sixth Form

“Both students and staff experienced a memorable day and thoroughly enjoyed the events hosted by TEAM Global.

The Supreme Court tour was greatly enjoyed and being able to sit in on a hearing, which they found fascinating. We also took them into the public gallery at The House of Commons after tea, and they relished the experience.

Our thanks again for being so generous and allowing us to bring our cohort of Business and Economics students. We truly appreciate all you have done for us”.

Sarah Kamalagaharan, Bromley High School

"The House of Commons was fascinating, and the students loved it. We stayed until about 6.30pm. Thank you so much for linking us up with this event".

D. Squires, Isleworth & Syon School

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