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What We Do


We organise workshop conferences in schools and universities. We provide outstanding speakers giving students the opportunity to widen their knowledge, to debate, consider issues in small groups and then present their ideas back to the speakers. The process is not unlike a university taster day and frequently students’ aspirations are enhanced and decisions about their career and possible academic courses are reviewed. New possibilities are considered and self-confidence is often enhanced.

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Member's Day

Our annual Member's Day is a fantastic opportunity for students to hear from expert speakers followed by a talk and tea at the House of Lords, as well as a tour of Parliament itself.

Study Tours

In addition to conferences, TEAM creates study tours to cities which host international institutions. These tours  are designed for teachers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, lecturers, professionals and others who would benefit from it. These tours visit the institutions of international cooperation and governance and provide opportunities to meet and discuss issues with those who work for them.

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Essay Competition

In 2020, despite the tumultuous upheaval of COVID-19, we were thrilled to announce the start of our first annual Essay Competition.

These annual competitions are a great opportunity to boost your profile in preparation for university and employment. Additionally, placed winners will receive cash prizes in recognition of their efforts.

Click the link below to read more about our Essay Competitions and past winners.


Our newest event class is our briefings. It's a chance to listen to experts in their respective fields on a range of fantastic topics from Climate Change to Inequality, as well as the growth of China.

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