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Members' Day 2024

TEAM Global’s Members’ Day, now established for 25 years,

was created in line with our vision:

To promote an understanding and discussion of world affairs, which empowers young people to be active global citizens and to aspire to leadership roles within their communities.



Over 100 sixth from students from 9 schools participated,

in addition to numerous guests from varied professional backgrounds.


TOP UK Institutions featured in this year’s agenda:

The Supreme Court

Congress House (Headquarters of The Trade Union Congress)

Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)

Westminster Cathedral

The House of Lords

The House of Commons

The Supreme Court:

The Supreme Court, as well as being the final court of appeal, plays an important role in the development of United Kingdom law.

A packed visit in which students received an instructive and engaging guided tour of this momentous institution, learning about the workings of the court and the background into its creation.

A tour of the Court’s exhibition followed with students achieving an added unique experience, as they were invited to sit in on a hearing and to witness the Court in action.


Congress House (TUC):

Congress House is an iconic building which in its construction reflected the deeply held values of Trade Unionism. The TUC Headquarters was opened in 1958, and in 1988, became one of the earliest post-war buildings to be listed at Grade II.

Helen Bilton & John Wood led this very informative and enjoyable tour. Journalist, John Wood, gave a fascinating talk on Trade Unionism from the Tolpuddle Martyrs (1834) to modern times.

When he asked the students for a definition of Trade Unionism, one provided such a succinct explanation, that John said he would replace his with that of the student’s!


Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO):

The FCDO’s remit is to provide a range of integrated, secure services worldwide to support diplomacy, development and defence for the UK government.

Here too, the two guides, Simon and Nevil, were informative and engaging to listen to.

Students received access to: The India Office Council Chamber (venue of the 1948 Three Power Conference on Germany), The Durbar Court through to The Locarno Suite. Rounding off this experience in the central square, where all could capture a prominent view of 10 Downing Street.


Westminster Cathedral:

The Byzantine-Christian architecture was designed by John Francis Bentley. Its construction completed in 1903 marks a pivotal moment in the history of the Church in England and Wales. Its choir has deservedly, gained the reputation, as one of the finest in the world.

This in-depth expedition of Westminster Cathedral was headed by Breda Fogarty. She is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Guild of St John Southworth, which was established in early 2015 to welcome visitors to the Cathedral and for the organisation of guided tours. 


Tea Party at the House of Lords Cholmondeley Room and Terrace:

Our key speaker of the day was: Lord Tope CBE:  

Lord Tope CBE is a Liberal Democrat MP, who served as a member of a European Institution, a member of the UK Parliament, a member of a regional government structure and as a borough councillor. He addressed the importance of the electoral process, particularly relevant to the young audience who are approaching voting eligibility.

He generously gave time for students’ Q&A which covered topics from: Reducing the voting age, improving diversity within Government to creating greater access to young people to better understand the political landscape.


House of Commons Public Gallery:

Over 70 students signed up for this additional tour. Team Global each year, incorporates this public gallery in its agenda. With the purpose of ensuring, young people benefit from being immersed in its history & its role, where priority debates of the day and questions being motioned by our MP’s in the House of Commons, take place. Once again, the guides made all the difference.


Feedback from Schools & Guests:


Nishant, Isleworth & Syon School: The insightful talk at The Supreme Court, learning about unions at the TUC and realising the importance of having a political opinion will allow me to give a confident and meaningful vote to the party that aligns with my views the most. Overall, it was a transforming trip that taught me a lot about the politics and completely changed the way I view it. I would recommend this to anyone willing to learn anything new and to have the opportunity to tour some of the most prestigious places in London all for free.”


Ursuline High School 6th Form Student: “Thank you Miss for today. It was so good. I loved watching the case at the Supreme Court and then to have tea in the House of Lords- well that’s a once in a lifetime experience!”


Blake, Isleworth & Syon School: “The highlight of the trip for me was being able to visit and sit in on an actual Supreme Court Case! As an aspiring lawyer, this was an unforgettable experience into how the law is practiced at the highest level!!”


Bromley High School, Sarah Kamalagharan, Head of Business & Economics:

"Thank you so much for organising and hosting such a wonderful event yesterday. All from Bromley High attending, had a super day. It was fantastic to see the library at The Supreme Court. The House of Lords tea and staff were amazing. Additionally, it was a delight to hear such an accessible speech from Lord Tope CBE to the students as a whole and witness his keen interest in their views and opinions. Furthermore, our guide, Nick, at The House of Commons was entertaining and a brilliant deliverer of information. Really engaging, and a clear expert in his field.

The students were so lucky to experience a unique day in London's prestigious buildings.  Thank you again, to you all, for making it possible."


Guest, Tim Brasier: Thank you so much for organizing both the tea party at the House of lords on Wednesday as well as arranging the superb, guided tour of Westminster Cathedral that preceded it.”


St. Andrew the Apostle School, Ms Koveri, Deputy Head of Sixth Form: "A group of our Y12 students received the exciting opportunity to visit both the Supreme Court and the Houses of Parliament, which left them with an indelible educational experience. The tour of the Supreme Court, informed students of the significance it poses within the judicial system of the country. Subsequently, the students were delighted with the opportunity presented to them to observe part of a court case hearing, as it enabled them to gain an insightful glimpse into the judicial process. Students listened attentively to Lord Tope’s speech and were invited to participate in a thought-provoking Q and A session.

After sampling delectable scones and taking photos on the terrace, our students were ushered to the upper and the lower houses of the Parliament, where a knowledgeable guide offered an abundance of details on the history and the significance of the institution."


TEAM Global Would Like to Thank


Lord Tope CBE for his contribution and his encouragement of students

to increase their understanding of and involvement in the political arena.


All the wonderful guides & staff at each institution

for providing such an insightful experience.


And of course, thank you to all our guests,

for your valuable support of Members’ Day.

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