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The 2015 UK General Election and its Wider Implications

Hustings – A Candidate’s Perspective

This session focused on the views of Conservative and Labour candidates for the two constituencies in Harrow.

Welcome - Charlie Barrowcliff Head of Government and Politics at St Dominic’s & Laurence Smy Chairman of TEAM

The candidates received 5 minutes to outline their opinions of the 2015 UK General Election, including the main issues (both local and national) on which they believe the election will be fought. The floor was then given over to students, who questioned candidates leading to a lively session.

The candidates/incumbents were:

  • Gareth Thomas (Labour MP Harrow West)

  • Hannah David (Conservative Candidate, Harrow West)

  • Bob Blackman (Conservative MP, Harrow East)

  • Uma Kumaran (Labour Candidate, Harrow East)


Sarah Allen, from The Electoral Reform Society. “A Game of 80 Thrones: How Our Electoral System Really Works”

Brendan Donnely, from The Federal Trust. “Devomax and the Prospect of a Federal Britain”

Bill Newton-Dunn, former Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the Liberal Democrats.

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