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Should the UK remain in or leave the European Union?

TEAMGlobal in cooperation with the Royal Holloway Politics department organised an exciting, informative and very well attended a conference focusing on the upcoming EU referendum at Royal Holloway University of London.


John Mills, Chairman of Labour Leave will be putting the case for a leave vote.

Nick Hopkinson, the Chairman of London 4 Europe, will be putting forward the case for the remain vote.

At this event there were two mock referendum polls. The first one took place before any of the speakers spoke and the second poll was taken at the end of the conference.

The results were:

First Vote

Remain 75%

Leave 9%

Undecided 16%

Second Vote -

Remain 70%

Leave 19%

Undecided 11%

Thank you very much to the speakers and those who attended the event.

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