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Richard Wilkinson Briefing

Last week TEAM Global welcomed Richard Wilkinson, co-founder of the Equality Trust and social epidemiologist. Richard gave a brilliant insight into the effects of economic inequality and how we can address these now and in the future. Our fourth virtual briefing brought 30 live attendees from France and the UK. The briefing was moderated and hosted by Chris Poray, Research & Development Manager for the TEAM Global Research Project.

Richard gave insights into his great work, on how and why inequality exists in various ways across the globe and the issues these can have on both a micro and macro level. Ranging from issues in South Africa, the UK and more, it was fascinating to hear how we and others can have a positive impact through simply altering our views and outlooks on society.

Following Richard’s briefing, many questions were asked in the Q&A session, ranging from Brexit, the ethics within economic thought and gender and class-based issues. It was also brilliant to see more students engaging with TEAM Global and our briefings.

The briefing was a success for the attendees and TEAM Global, we’d like to thank Richard for donating his time to us and giving such great insight into such a pivotal topic. If you’d like to be notified about this, as well as other briefings and TEAM activities, please subscribe to our newsletter and follow our LinkedIn page.

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