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Members' Day 2019

A Large group gathered for the annual Members’ Day at at the Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, Old Marylebone Road.

The first talk was from Jayne Forbes, Spokesperson on the Press Team of Extinction Rebellion. She outlined the climate crisis confronting humanity arising from global warming and the environmental degradation resulting from overpopulation and the effects of excessive consumption on depleting natural resources.

David Snoxell then followed by bringing to the meeting’s attention the Chagos Islanders’ fight for human rights and the condemnation by the United Nations of Britain’s continued occupation of the islands.

Finally, John Wilson of TEAM Global, gave an entertaining and informative account of politics in the age of Trump.

After lunch, the group assembled at Parliament, and while enjoying a sumptuous tea, was entertained and informed by Baroness Angela Smith, Leader of the Labour Party Lords in the House.

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