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How Well is Democracy Served by the UK and European Parliaments?

Europe House, The European Parliament Information Office in the UK (EPIO)

In partnership with the EU representation to the UK, TEAM Global organised a fascinating lecture for seven schools.

The speakers in attendance did a fantastic job of covering a topic that is very important for students who shall soon be able to exercise their right to vote.

As with all TEAM Global conferences the focus was on the student's opinion. The students attending discussed in their groups the arguments laid out before them and subsequently came to their own conclusions.

TEAM Global thanks Europe House for hosting us, the engaging speakers for attending, the staff for bringing the pupils and most importantly of all the students for taking the lead in the conference.

The Speakers were:

Dr Marion Ferrat, works at the UK Parliament on the Energy and Climate Change Committee “How does the UK Parliament work?”

Chris Terry, Research Officer for the The Electoral Reform Society (ERS)


Matilda Murday, from The Democratic Society

“How democratic is the UK Parliament?”

Millicent Scott, Education Projects Manager at The European Parliament Office, London. “How does the European Parliament work?”

Martyn Bond, professor of European Politics and Policy at Royal Holloway. “How democratic is the European Parliament?”

Students then debated the question and made presentations on:

“What can be done to make the UK and European Parliaments more democratic?”

Schools in attendance:

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