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Freedom of movement, everyone individual's right?

18 October 2016

TEAM Global in cooperation with Gumley House School created a conference, focusing on the issues and questions surrounding freedom of movement.

There were an array of expert speakers, giving the students the opportunity to learn from the best and discuss the issues in great depth.

With 5 schools and 220 pupils attending, it was an excellent conference where students were able to discuss one of the most divisive issues in British politics.

Here are some quotes from some of the students who were at the conference.

Indhi Gupta, a Gumley House student, said: “This conference gave me a platform to share my comments and ideas that I feel passionately about”

Alis Sejourne, a Gumley House student, said that hearing from different experts in their fields helped her to achieve a better insight on this subject and particularly when hearing the more personal view from someone that has faced war trauma directly.

To view a report on the conference, written by Local London, please click on this  - article-newspaper-gumley

For more information about the conference please click on the link below.

Programme - Free Movement
Download PDF • 917KB

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