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Europe: In or out? - Gumley House School

TEAM Global organised a conference, hosted by Ursuline High School, on 'Should the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland remain a member of the EU?'

Reflecting the current climate for discussion over Britain’s membership of the European Union, the arguments for staying or leaving were brought to life for Sixth Form students from eight different schools.

Students took part in a day of discussion, debates and referendums on this important issue. The event gave a platform for high-profile guest speakers from both the ‘leave’ and ‘remain’ sides to present their cases. Speakers included Millicent Scott from the European Parliament Office & Sharon Bowles from the Liberal Democrats.

Welcome - Ewa Kolczynska, Headteacher of Gumley House Convent School FCJ & Laurence Smy, Chairman of TEAM.

Speaker Introduction by Loredana Roberts, Director: Global Learning & Communication.


Millicent Scott, Education Projects Manager at The European Parliament Office, London. “What is the European Union and How Does it Work?”

Ryan Bourne, Head of Public policy at The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA). “Britain In or Out of the EU; Economic Options”

Steven Altmann-Richer, Project Leader at The Confederation of British Industry (CBI). “Our Global Future: The Business Vision for a Reformed EU”

Sharon Bowles, Liberal Democrat Politician “Why Britain’s Continued Membership in the EU Really Matters?”

A special thank you to Lori Fields, Chair of the American School in London, for chairing the afternoon Q and A session.

Schools in attendance:

  • Gunnersby Catholic School

  • Maria Fidelis Catholic School FCJ

  • Isleworth and Syon School

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