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Can the EU Survive the Resurgence of Nationalism?

London Academy of Excellence, Stratford. Thursday 4th April 2019

Students at the London Academy of Excellence, Stratford were treated to a fantastic Conference by TEAM Global on the topic; 'Can the EU Survive the Resurgence of Nationalism?'

Not just a European trend, the rise of nationalism is a global phenomenon and as a result, this Conference was educational but also essential. Marta Lorimer's excellent breakdown of the characteristics of the Far-Right in Europe provided an enriching introduction to this growing problem within Europe. Coupled with Natacha Kazatchkine's fascinating analysis of the growing problems within Hungary, as well as what powers the EU has in response, the students' gained a greater understanding of global affairs

Chris Wheal provided a journalist's perspective and broke down the role that Fake News plays in current affairs, in particular how it contributes to extremism. Importantly, he gave the students several means to recognise and avoid Fake News and powerfully challenged them to use these tools and contribute to the proliferation of Fake News and the danger is poses.

The attendees were incredibly fortunate to hear from Nick Lowles and his powerful testimony. Recounting the work of his charity 'Hope Not Hate', students were given an insight into how dangerous and prominent extremism has become but also how it can be effectively combatted.

Moderators were Laurence Smy, Chairman of TEAMGlobal, and Michael Johnson, a retired senior civil servant.


Marta Lorimer, A final year PhD candidate at the European Institute, London School of Economics

'Pro-Europe, Anti-EU? The Far Right in Europe'

Natacha Kazatchkine - Head of the EU internal policy team for the Open Society European Policy Institute

'The human rights in Hungary: The challenge for the EU and civil society actors'

Chris Wheal - An award-winning freelance journalist and chair of trustees for NUJ Extra

'Fake news in the EU'

Nick Lowles - Chief Executive of Hope Not Hate

'Migration and anti-EU parties'

Speeches were followed by a plenary session with all speakers and student Q&A.

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