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2016 Members' Day at the House of Lords

Over 90 students, teachers and members of TEAMGlobal attended Members' Day 2016.

It was a day of stimulating discussion and  engaging debate.

The day began at Regent's University London where Proffessor Yossi Mekelberg and Brendan Donnelly (Director of the Federal Trust) gave very informative lectures on what the future relationship between the UK and EU could look like.

After such an interesting morning, the participants were hosted for tea at the House of Lords by Lord Kinnock. The guests were treated to a rousing speech by Lord Kinnock in defence of EU migrants and the UK's place in the EU. It was clear to see that his speech had a significant impact on the audience.

TEAMGlobal would like to thank Regent's University for their help in organising the first part of the day, Brendan Donnelly and Yossi Mekelberg, Lord Kinnock and finally the participants whose questioning made the day such a success.

Below are some thoughts from students who attended the event:

From one student: ''The fact that I have learnt so many new facts from just one day of events than the whole time of campaigning prior to the referendum just shows how uniformed the public may have been!''

From another: “Listening to lord Kinnock was an honour and true privilege; he is without a doubt the greatest political speaker I have ever had the opportunity to listen to, live or on the TV/Radio. He was captivating, honest and powerful.

I went into the day with my own clear reason on why leaving the EU was the best decision for the county; people have tested my opinion, through over 4 debates in school and over at least 40 discussions with friends and family. I watched the vote remain and leave campaign and through my own research I was fully supporting leave. But after listening to Lord Kinnock’s spectacular speech, my view has drastically changed! I see how the Brexit campaigns had totally blown the issue of the EU out of proportion and caused the country to fall into turmoil. I still believe we should have our own sovereignty but leaving the EU isn’t the way to go around it. I have seen the EU referendum in a totally new light and after the day with TEAMGlobal and Lord Kinnock, I want to go and do something about it – It’s my future!”

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